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At Health-eChoice you will find tools to confront challenges, to live a more fulfilled life, to manage time more efficiently, and to achieve your goals proactively.


Health-eChoice’s vision is to empower you to find the internal strength that helps you confront change, adopt a positive mindset, and follow your life's purpose. Whether you are looking for what life has to offer, re-defining your life direction, or confronting an unforeseen challenge, it is the mission of Health-eChoice to guide you towards living the life of your dreams.


Through Personal Life Coaching, explore the answers to your issues and find results tailored for you. Relieve your grief and sorrows. Focus on your path. Wake up each morning eager to the bright future!


Through Coach Training, discover the art of coaching under a combined Neuroscience and Spirituality program. Experience intensive professional development to take your career to the next level!

Why Life Coaching?

With coaching you release stress, increase your focus, clear your mind, and have a healthier body.

Coaching allows you to explore beliefs that prevent you from acting proactively. When change comes to our lives, our usual way of thinking and reacting may not work. By changing our thoughts and rewiring our brain we can adapt to change in a much quicker way.

Coaching is a proactive step to change how you currently think to achieve the results you are looking for.


Coaching is a process where you maximize your personal and professional potential with the help of your coach. A coach will not give advice but, instead, will work with you and challenge you to achieve your goals.


What to expect...

Get clarity on what is important to you. You will go through a journey where you explore your thoughts and challenge them.


Be savvier at managing change and accomplishing goals. You will be able to design an action plan towards your goals.


Improve your communication. This leads to better relationships and a higher self-esteem.


Understand how important your beliefs are. Polish your beliefs by creating positive actions that lead you through your life.


Balance life, work, and issues. Find life and career fulfillment today!               

Is Coaching for Me?


I am proactively seeking results.

I know what I want to work on.

I am willing to do the work required to achieve my goals.

I’m willing to try new behaviors.

I can commit to calls and appointments with my coach.

I can get to my goal. The question is, how?


If most of these statements are true, coaching is for you.